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Where I've Been [a.k.a. feuding with my fridge]

Me, being injured by my fridge, circa every day

She's aliiiiive!

The negligent blogger rises from the dark abyss, contrite that she's let down her thousands of readers but also with no intention of doing better and blogging more regularly in the future.

Look, I'm busy. You're busy. We're all busy. You get it. We all knew this would happen.

It's not like I'm a professional blogger. I think we all know by now that this blog exists because I like to hear myself talk and also want my own site to pop up first when you google my name instead of an embarrassing playbill photo from when I was twelve and had a minor role in Annie. I might not be a professional blogger, but I AM a professional in general, dammit. I like to control my online presence [though I keep getting emails from Trevor@NotAScam.com saying I'm doing a terrible job because my website isn't optimized for web traffic, and if only I'd pay him $19.99 and give him my social security number, he'll make sure I become famous overnight].

Anyway. You know how it goes.

You probably want to know about the fridge. Well, here's the thing: my fridge has become my nemesis. And as a renter and poor grad student, there's nothing I can do but complain about it. And engage it in an epic battle for dominance.

I'm also in film school (ahhhhh yes, a legitimate reason for being an inconsistent blogger). So my latest and most devastating move against my fridge is one that is highly cinematic: I made a video about how horrible my fridge is.

Oh, do I have too much time on my hands? I hear you asking. And I say to you — no. This was an important project for career development (i.e. honing my skills in the industry-standard editing software Premier Pro). Also, I feel strongly that the fridge won't be able to top this endeavor in technicality OR creativity.

But I'd love to get a neutral third party to weigh in. Please do so at your convenience.

Otherwise, things are good. I've written a handful of scripts, been to a couple film festivals, moved in with my boyfriend, learned to make bread, met some cool dogs, and had Dairy Queen for the first time in like five years.

So that's about it. Hope my thousands — nay, millions — of readers are all doing well too (hi, mom, thanks for reading!).

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