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Read This: Something Scholarly

I hear you: boringggggg.

Yes, my latest publication is scholarly. And it might be boring. But it does have the word "cleavage" in it. So there's that.

It's an essay called "Praise To Our School We Love So Dear — Or Maybe Not." It's about my time working as a college and career adviser at a Texas high school.

It was a stressful job.

A typical day at the high school circa 2018.

Anyway, my essay isn't just about how stressed I was [though I could fill a book]. It's about gender norms, sexuality, and status quo.

It's part of an anthology called Millennial Feminism at Work, which brings together the perspectives of recent Gender Studies program graduates to explore the impact of the degree on various career paths.

Order it here:

Millennial Feminism at Work

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