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Questionable Wisdom:On Canine Confidence

I spend a lot of time at Starbucks — writing, pretending to write, staring at a blank screen, and eavesdropping.

Recently, there was a couple at the table next to mine. The woman was reading a book intently and highlighting at least one thing on each page. It was clearly serious business. Then she looked up to her boyfriend and said this:

It's important to build your puppy's confidence early on.

And then I realized that she was reading Puppies for Dummies.

Then I started to wonder if I did enough for my dog Pearl's confidence. I worry that the photoshoots weren't enough.

Pearl circa 2015, feeling herself in a pink cardigan.

"Get all my angles, Hayley."

"Oh my god, I feel so fat in this."

Confidence coming back after I told her I had credible intel that the neighbor dog was checking her out on our walk yesterday.

A tasteful nude.

"Hurry, my hair is perfect."

No, jump ON 3 not AFTER 3.

ON 3 ON 3 ON 3


She was able to re-focus because she really needed a new profile pic.

I was allowed to be in one photo. Pearl is triumphant in the knowledge that her sweater is cuter than mine, her hair looks better, and she was able to show a little bit of leg.

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